January 13, 2020

To-do Lists

Good work habits are vastly underrated. People who push through successfully have to-do lists that are reasonably prioritized, and they make certain each item is ticked off in order.

January 6, 2020

Decide What You Really Want In Life

Take passion, for example. Without passion, life would be dull; you wouldn’t want to live without it. But what’s key is what you do with your passion.

LIFE PRINCIPLE: Decide what you really want in life by reconciling your goals and your desires. 

Life Principle: Success

Achievement orientation is important, but people who obsess over a $1,200 pair of shoes or a fancy car are very rarely happy because they don’t know what it is that they really want and hence what will satisfy them. 

LIFE PRINCIPLE: Do not mistake the trappings of success for success itself.

December 18, 2019

The Holy Grail of Investing

In this short video Ray Dalio explains what he believes its his Holy Grail in trading.

While Indiana Jones might have found it safely tucked away in the Temple of the Sun, to legendary investor Ray Dalio, the "Holy Grail" is a sweet spot between diversification and correlation.

Source: Investopedia

December 12, 2019

Ray Dalio Mentoring Diddy (video)

Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, asked me to mentor him to help him take his great success to another level. In this video you will see a recent mentor session of ours, and you will see a Diddy that you probably haven’t seen before. We explore the role of radical open mindedness, building an effective team, and the importance of using the 5-step process for success that I've outlined in my books, Principles: Life & Work and Principles for Success. You will also see why I want to help him and why I believe our relationship exemplifies how people with different backgrounds and different perspectives can work together harmoniously for the greater good. The greatest joy I’m having now is helping other people to be successful, particularly helping people who can help a lot of people.

December 10, 2019

The Big Bet That Failed

Long before I reached success as the founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund today, I faced several failures. But through my struggles, I was able to accumulate hundreds of principles.

Here's a big bet that failed: Ray Dalio on his big bet that failed: ‘I went broke and had to borrow $4,000 from my dad’

November 29, 2019

Best Of Finance Twitter (Nov 29th)

=> "The MSCI Chile Index in #USD is down 36 percent since February!" - Jeroen Blokland, Multi-asset investor at Robeco.

=> 'More than 200 of the bonds in the Ice index are trading with yields more than 10% above equivalent government bonds — a commonly used definition of distress. That share now stands at 11.6% of the index, the highest proportion since 2016.' - Jesse Felder, publisher of the Felder Report  

=> Interesting stat: "It’s been over a decade since Apple began selling iPhones in India, but the company still only makes up 1% of the world's 2nd-largest smartphone market." - in CNBC

=> "If you’ve taken the time to develop and test a system that provides an edge then not trading it according to the rules is essentially throwing all that work away." - Peter Robbins, independent trader

November 21, 2019

Warning To The Average Investor

Ray Dalio was recently on CNBC where he alerted retail investors to not make the mistake of thinking that markets that went up recently are better bargains rather than expensive bargains.

“Don’t make the mistake of buying those things that have gone up thinking they’re better rather than more expensive,” Dalio recently told CNBC’s Leslie Picker at the Greenwich Economic Forum in Connecticut.

Read the complete article here: Billionaire Ray Dalio says retail investors should not make this big mistake

November 7, 2019

India: Modi Is One Of The Best

In my opinion, Indian’s Prime Minister Modi is one of the best, if not the best, leaders in the world. I had an opportunity to explore with him how he thinks as well as what he thinks. If you’re interested in listening to it, here it is.

November 4, 2019

A Few Principles (Ray Dalio)

Evolve or Die

This evolutionary cycle is not just for people but for countries, companies, economies—for everything. And it is naturally self-correcting as a whole, though not necessarily for its parts.

Tolerating a Problem

Tolerating a problem has the same consequences as failing to identify it.

Remember to reflect when you experience pain

Remember this: The pain is all in your head. If you want to evolve, you need to go where the problems and the pain are. By confronting the pain, you will see more clearly the paradoxes and problems you face. Reflecting on them and resolving them will give you wisdom.