January 9, 2019

Jack Schwager: Polar Extreme Approaches To Trading

Video Duration: 6 minutes

Record date: May, 2015

Video Highlights: 

On one hand you have Jim Rogers who's the world's biggest cynic about technical trading. He's very long-term, fundamental ideas and done successfully all his life. His comment about technical analysis is, "I never met a rich technician unless you count the ones that sell their services". That's a summary of his opinion about technical analysis and he's been extremely successful. 

But you got people like Marty Schwartz who started out as a stocks trader and told me he lost money every year trading about fundamentals and then found technical analysis and got wealthy as a technician. 

So you can take people who have not only different approaches but have approaches that are polar extremes and consider each other's approaches complete nonsense and yet they're both extremely successful.

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