January 14, 2019

Linda Raschke: Pre-Market Routines

Linda Raschke shares her trading routines.

The importance of doing the homework the night before:

"First of all I always try to have my homework done the night before(...) and then of course first thing I'll do when I get up is usually check the markets just to see where they're trading so I can get a baseline reading (...)"

Most trading opportunities are in the morning:

"The opportunity comes in the morning sessions and you know I usually start at 6 a.m. CT so at 7 a.m. CT there is a big pickup in activity in the market so if I'm watching it a little bit beforehand it helps get a feel (...)"

The importance of avoiding or minimizing distractions:

"Trading is a performance oriented discipline so the more you can eliminate distractions and get yourself into a ritual or groove right away I think you're better able to concentrate and that's really the key is being able to concentrate right off the bat."

The little details that matter:

"For me, it's always important that I eat a big breakfast. I always have a giant bowl of oatmeal or a couple eggs and you know that really only takes 5 minutes but you got to feel the body and got to feel the brain. That's so important! People sit there and think they're going to make it on a bagel or something... It just doesn't work that way so it's really important to have some good nutrition." 

The importance of trading from a quiet, calm space:

"Try and have a space where you're not going to be distracted or kids knocking on the door, phone's ringing or that type of stuff."