January 16, 2019

Ray Dalio: Building A Company Where The Best Ideas Win

Short Bio: Ray Dalio is an hedge fund manager, writer and philanthropist. Dalio founded Bridgewater Associates, currently one of the world's biggest hedge funds. His estimated net worth is around 18 billion dollars.

Video duration: 16m33s

In this video presentation at Ted Talks, Ray Dalio explained how he got started in trading the markets and how investors must act in order to become successful. Here are some of the highlights:

"When I was 12 years old I hated school but I fell in love with trading the markets."

"In order to be an effective investor one has to bet against the consensus and be right and it's not easy to bet against the census and be right when has the bet against the consensus and be right because the consensus is built into the price." 

"I made a lot of painful mistakes and with time my attitude about those mistakes began to change I began to think of them as puzzles that if I could solve the puzzles they would give me gems and the puzzles were what would I do differently in the future so I wouldn't make that painful mistake and the gems were principles that I would then write down so I would remember them that would help me in the future."

You can find Ray Dalio's books on Amazon:

Principles: Life and Work (2017)
Big Debt Crises (2018)